March, 2014


Are you tired of losing things? Soon you won't have to be. Character is very excited to announce a new partnership with technology firm, Tile.

The smart folks over at Tile are developing the world's largest lost and found.

November, 2013


Inventor and technology pioneer, Steve Perlman, is completely rewriting the wireless rule book with the invention of pCell technology.

Imagine a world where you can stream HD content direct to your smartphone or make a video call in the middle of Times Square. A world without dropped calls, dead zones or weak signals. Steve and his team have spent the past decade developing pCell wireless technology, so consumers can have a reliable "mobile fiber" experience, whether they're sitting indoors or on a high-speed train.

Character worked with Steve and his team to unveil pCell technology to the world at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Sept, 2013

Matt Carvalho

We're excited to welcome another addition to the Character team, Matt Carvalho. Matt brings more than 8 years of interactive design experience to the Character team. He holds a BFA in Advertising from the Art Institute of CA, San Francisco. Outside the office, Matt enjoys rooting for the 49ers, drinking water and making art. You can see his work at

Oct, 2013


We're excited to add Fujitsu as a client. Stay tuned.