Miselu is a San Francisco-based startup which engineers and develops music interfaces and instruments to enrich the experience of creating music on the iPad. Utilizing the latest technologies, coupled with a strong design sensibility, the Miselu team is dedicated to developing bold new ways to enhance musical expression for the next generation.

Slated for launch in late 2013, Miselu's first product release is the C.24 – a two octave iPad keyboard, which connects wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Ahead of the C.24 Kickstarter campaign, Miselu teamed up with Character to develop their corporate and C.24 product identity.

The C.24 identity had to be as innovative and beautiful as the product itself. The identity needed to be modular and dynamic, living beyond the C.24, methodically extending to all future Miselu products.

To achieve this, Character developed a custom Alphanumeric logotype solution based on the belief that music is never static – a medium always in motion with time providing the musician's canvas.

The result was an elegant, premium and sophisticated product identity, which could exist both in the digital and physical world.

The C.24 Kickstarter campaign was a huge success. The campaign launched to a wave of positive commentary and encouragement. Within a week the Miselu team had met their fundraising target.


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