IGN.com is the #1 online destination for video game information, providing commentary on all aspects of video gaming from new game reviews, tips, tricks and more, much more. One area of gaming that IGN has been paying particularly close attention to is competitive video gaming, commonly known as “eSports”.

eSports has steadily gained a huge following in countries around the world, such as Korea, where fans fill stadiums to watch the world's top players compete in video game tournaments. IGN saw an opportunity to bring eSports to North America, launching its own Pro Gaming League in April 2011. Since then, IGN’s Pro Gaming League , or IPL, has grown in popularity with their latest IPL 3 live tournament, hosted at Caesars Atlantic City, attracting

over 12.5 million video views across the 4-day event. With all IPL’s successes, IGN tasked Character with refreshing the current IPL identity.

The new IPL identity needed to be both bold and memorable, while communicating a close alliance with the IGN brand. The new identity also needed to exhibit all of the characteristics you would associate with other high profile professional sports leagues, like the NBA or NFL. Finally, it was important that the identity was clean, timeless and not overtly masculine, leaving room for IPL to evolve its appeal to a broader gender-neutral audience. Oh, and most importantly, the fanatical base of current IPL and eSports followers had to love it. Not much to ask really.

The resulting identity exhibits all the hallmarks you would expect from a professional gaming league. The IGN-red and rounded letterforms are a nod to the existing IGN identity, with the IGN D-pad capping the lower case “i”. To emphasize the sporting nature of the league, an alternate version of the identity was created that sits within a shield. Once the identity was approved, Character created a myriad of applications demonstrating the various usage scenarios. The project culminated with the development of an identity guidelines.

The new IPL identity successfully launched in February 2012, making its first physical appearance at IPL 4 on April 6th at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.


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