Giftiki is an exciting new startup that has developed a fun and social gift-giving platform centered around birthdays. Connecting through Facebook, Giftiki allows friends to send small amounts of money that contribute to a collective fund, empowering the recipient to pool the money together and buy something meaningful. Having successfully secured their first round of funding, Giftiki approached Character to help them position, brand and launch their new product.

With new internet startups seemingly launching every day, it was important that Giftiki stood out and left a lasting and memorable impression with both consumers and potential partners.
Working in close collaboration with Gifiki’s visual design lead Shaun Lind, Character and Shaun began to explore a brand identity that was characteristic of a traditional gift-giving era. The resulting look was a vintage throwback-style á la 1950, with rich colors and hand-drawn textured elements—a refreshing departure from the familiar Web 2.0 “glossy” look.

To complement the new identity and further define the Giftiki personality, the team at Character and Giftiki developed a brand voice articulated through messaging that was playful and friendly, yet slightly irreverent. The new identity and messaging was implemented across all communications, including product website, launch microsite, mobile app and merchandise. Once the identity had been finalized, Character worked with Giftiki to develop a “bringing birthdays back” pre-launch awareness campaign and post-launch user adoption strategy. In 2012 Giftiki was acquired by LaunchRock.


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