Android Brand Identity

After selling Danger Inc. (known for developing the T-Mobile Sidekick) to Microsoft, serial entrepreneur Andy Rubin was looking for his next challenge. As an acclaimed technology pioneer in the mobile space, Andy was soon hard at work on a new startup venture called Android, a new breed of software company that develops operating systems and applications for mobile devices. Having successfully partnered with Character while at WebTV and Danger Inc., Andy returned to Character for the task of creating a unique and ownable identity for Android that would resonate with both business and consumer audiences.

Working closely with Andy, Character began an extensive design exploration process looking at all visual aspects of the brand. Character developed a logotype and supporting visual language that was friendly and approachable, reflecting Andy’s humor and his passion for robots and science fiction. The final product was a visual identity system that mapped out all design elements of the Android brand, including logotype, mark, color palette, typography, and lockups in addition to numerous applications.

Character successfully developed an identity for Android that was as bold and innovative as the technology itself.

In 2005 Android Inc. was acquired by Google, solidifyingy the company’s entry into the mobile phone market. In Q1 2010 U.S. Android sales surpassed Apple's rival iOS platform. With these successes the Android identity is now well entrenched, recognized all over the world as synonymous with mobile technology.


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